Mount Rinjani, Enchanting Exquisite Natural Beauty on the Roof of Lombok

Are you a fan of nature and connoisseurs of mountains? but don’t understand what to do in Lombok? It’s not complete yet if you haven’t felt the excitement of riding on a popular mountain so charming it wants its natural charm. With an altitude of 3. 726 meters above sea level and is located in the north of Lombok Island, Mount Rinjani is the second highest blazing mountain in Indonesia. Entering the Mount Rinjani National Park area and surrounded by forests and shrubs covering an area of ​​76,000 hectares is a beautiful natural panorama for Mount Rinjani.

Access to Lombok Island can not only be reached via the earth route using the Jakarta-Mataram direct bus by crossing using the ferry twice (Between Bali and Antara Lombok), it can also be reached by using a plane to soar.

Mount Rinjani has a crater with an area of ​​close to 10 kilometers and there is a crater there said Segara Anak with a power of near 230 meters. With its blue water pattern like a sea child, the water flowing from there makes the water fall very well and flow through the steep valley. Many climbers who fish there because there are a lot of fish and tilapia brother.

There are 2 climbing routes to reach Pinjuk Rinjani, the Sembalun Route and the Senaru Route. Sembalun route is a favorite route for climbers because although the track is farther away but it can save 700 meters in height.

On Sembalun Route, climbers want to pass through a vast and charming savanna expanse. There are 3 rest posts on this route, and after the post 3 climbers want to experience a steep incline with a slope near 60 parts. On the other hand, on the Senaru Route, climbers want to go beyond the rather lush and steep tropical forests. Similar to the Sembalun Route, this route also has 3 rest posts before the next day up to the jaw post which is commonly used like a camping zone.

The enchantment possessed by Mount Rinjani is almost perfect as a result, no doubt if Rinjani becomes an energy that is able to attract the attention of foreign tourists or the archipelago to climb it. As well as climbing Mount Rinjani, surely it would be a memory and life experience that would not be overlooked.

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